July 6, 2020
Vsion Web Conference

Activists talk about Iran’s revolution

Vision Plus – The12th Web Conference of “The Fact” series, has been held with the participation of British and German activists with the theme of Forty years of Islamic revolution of Iran, its challenges and accomplishments.

A new episode of the “The Fact” collection was held with the participation of activists from England and Germany after two years of stagnation.

These web conferences were held regularly with the themes of the International subjects for four years which was started to work on a weekly basis in a more coherent manner after two years of absence.


The first conference of these new series was held with the theme of the 40th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution on Thursday.

Several questions were answered in this web conference lncluding:
In your idea, how much was the Iranian government successful in achieving the goals of the Islamic Revolution after forty years?
What features of the 1979 revolution in Iran distinguishes it from other revolutions?
Why was Iran faced with hostility by the United States and the Western world over the past forty years?

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