January 22, 2020
Vsion Web Conference

New Zealand’s incident investigated in Vision Plus

MWFpress – The new part of “The fact” international web conference, which is the second chapter of second season, has been held on the topic of analysing New Zealand’s terrorist incident with the participation of activists and analysts from the United States, Britain and Iran.

Following the terrorist attack on two mosques in New Zealand, the web conference was dedicated to investigating the extent of the crime this week.

In this 40 minute conversation, several issues including the role of Western media in expanding Islamophobia, Muslim people’s problems in Western countries and ways to counter the recurrence of terrorist incidents against Muslims was investigated by guests and experts.

The guests:
Alexander Azadgan; University professor and political analyst
Paul Larudee; Political activist, founder of the Free Gaza Movement
Catherine Shakdam; political analyst
And Iranian activists

A summary of the content and full movie of the conference will be released shortly through the MWFpress, the Vision Plus site and YouTube channel.

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